Sierra Leone Emergency Relief Support

Sierra Leone Emergency Relief Support

ILCU Foundation to Support Emergency Relief to Flood and Mudslide Victims in Sierra Leone

Credit unions may be aware from TV News Reports/Internet of the flooding and mudslides that hit Freetown in Sierra Leone on the 14 August 2017.  One of Africa’s worst flooding related disasters in years triggered by three days of heavy rains.  At least 400 people have died (including 172 children) with over 600 still missing – these numbers are to increase. An estimated 3,000 or more people are believed to have lost their homes. The Foundation made contact with its credit union partners in Freetown and thankfully for them they were not affected by the disaster as the flooding hit a different area of Freetown.

The Foundation has also been in contact with a number of Irish charities who are responding to this disaster to establish how best to support this emergency response. A proposal have been received from Plan Ireland to co-fund – €25,000 – to support 300 families by way of lifesaving supplies, including hygiene/dignity kits, clothing tarpaulin, blankets, sleeping mats and mosquito nets, and distribute these directly to the targeted beneficiaries.  As the Foundation has funding available and is in compliance with its Humanitarian Emergency Funding Policy the decision was taken to co-fund this appeal. The Foundation is confident that Plan Ireland has the capacity and experience in-country to deliver this aid. A report will be provided by Plan International Sierra Leone to Plan Ireland on completion of activities.

The Foundation will update credit unions and their members via our website – and on our Facebook page.

Credit unions can communicate this message by:

  1. Sharing any posts from our Facebook page with your own social media platforms:
  2. Recirculating this email to staff, members and directors of your credit union.

If you would like further information on this matter, please contact Alan Moore – in the ILCU International Development Foundation.

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