Areas of Expertise


The ILCU Foundation's specialist focus is on improving financial inclusion and reducing poverty by offering technical assistance to credit union movements. The characteristics of the ILCU Foundation's support include:

Liam Mc Cullagh & Mark Kwara discuss loan policies at Teachers Credit Union in Ghana.

  • Maintaining a poverty focus through our programme/partner selection process.
  • Delivery of technical support and training on a broad range of financial cooperative issues.
  • Capacity building financial cooperative movements, including apex organisations.
  • Maximising aid effectiveness through knowledge management, exchange programmes and the development of local capabilities to deliver technical expertise.

Volunteers from the Irish CU movement and further afield contribute hugely to our work with partner countries, both through field work in the partner countries and by hosting personnel from partner countries when they visit Ireland.

Technical Assistance


The ILCU Foundation provides technical assistance to credit union movements on a range of topics.

Poverty and Social Development

  • Financial Literacy
  • Graduation Microfinance
  • Social Performance Management
  • Poverty Indices
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Country Level Assessments,
    Contextual & Stakeholder Analysis
  • Volunteering
  • Cooperative Principles

Products and Services

  • Savings
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Electronic Payments
  • Micro Savings Boxes
  • Mobile Banking
  • Savings for School
  • Youth Savings Clubs

Cashier Mamusu Bangura left a microcredit company to work for Tawopaneh CU in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Apex body support

  • Central Finance Facility
  • Stabilisation Fund
  • Deposit Guarantee
  • Loan Protection
  • Apex Body Audit
  • MIS
  • Credit Union Performance Rating

Credit Union Operations

  • Strategic Planning
  • Legislation
  • Regulation and supervision
  • IT
  • Internal Control/Monitoring/Auditor Services
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting for CU's
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Credit Union Management
  • Investment
  • Procurement