About Us

The Irish League of Credit Unions International Development Foundation Ltd. (ILCU Foundation) is the charitable arm of the Irish credit union movement. Its mission is ‘To alleviate poverty in developing countries by supporting credit unions, their representative bodies and other co-operative type organisations as a means for socio-economic development through the provision of financial and technical assistance’.


What We Do

The ILCU Foundation strengthens the role of credit unions and savings & credit cooperatives in low income and developing countries through innovative training initiatives and mentoring programmes. Our specialist focus is on improving financial inclusion and reducing poverty by providing sustainable credit unions for poor people and communities in developing countries.


Where We Work

The ILCU Foundation assists the development of credit unions in three countries in Africa: Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We also provide technical support to credit union movements in Eastern Europe. We have formed valued partnerships with local organisations to work towards benefiting credit union members and the wider community in these countries.


Our Partners