Strategic Plan


Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 sets out our strategy for the coming five years, our theory of change under the social change model framework and our organisational structure. The following is an overview of the plan:

Strategic Plan 2013-2018



The plan prioritises long term partnership which builds competent local partners and local expertise without over reliance on Irish or western technical assistance.

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 has identified six core strategic areas of work which we will focus on over the coming years.

The six strategic objectives are in line with our vision, mission and values, they are as follows:

  1. Provide financial and technical support to our existing local partners.
  2. Protect our Credit Union donation base.
  3. Develop our external funding model.
  4. Facilitate growth and expansion of new credit union movements.
  5. Enhance and expand our technical assistance delivery model.
  6. Leverage our knowledge and results.

Over the lifespan of our Strategic Plan we will strive to implement and introduce various activities and actions that are necessary to deliver on the strategic objectives and attain our mission through sharing the success of the Irish credit union movement.

Our Focus for 2016


With the ongoing success of our work with international credit union partners in the developing world, the intention is to continue to implement the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. The following objectives will be focused on in 2016:

  • Continue to enhance the monitoring and evaluation of our work and in particular to track the impact of our work
  • Develop new long-term projects with our partners to improve access to savings and loans services, and to continue to access grant funding from existing institutional donors.
  • Investigate supporting new credit union partners in developing countries
  • Increase our engagement with our Irish credit union supporters and the financial support from the credit union network.
  • Continue to implement the new Social Performance Monitoring tool with our long term credit union partners.