Overview 2015


The ILCU Foundation continued to fight poverty in 2015 by helping other credit union movements around the world through training and mentoring to ensure that poor people and marginalised communities have sustainable credit unions’ which would allow them to access basic savings and credit facilities to improve their lives. The ILCU Foundation has worked to ensure that the injustice of financial exclusion can be challenged by empowering individuals and educating organisations to reach those who require sustainable financial services.

Bogale Negesse speaks with staff and volunteers of Kenenisa Cerdit Union, Ethiopia

The ILCU Foundation succeeded in many areas throughout the year, below you will find some of the key highlights:

  • The provision of financial and technical support to the credit union movements in Albania, Belize, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Russia and Sierra Leone.
  • The ILCU Foundation worked in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA) in Ethiopia to provide support to the credit union movement.
  • The ILCU Foundation responded to a number humanitarian crises in 2015 to help and support people who have suffered by partnering with leading international charities and local organisations to ensure that people’s lives can be restored back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • The ILCU Foundation received a landmark three year contract from Irish Aid which is specifically geared towards extending financial services in rural areas of Sierra Leone and The Gambia.
  • The ILCU Foundation announced a strategic partnership with top accountancy firm Moore Stephens Nathans in 2015, which will see the ILCU Foundation to benefit from the firm’s knowledge of credit unions.
  • The ILCU Foundation hosted a delegation of Russian credit union representatives who visited Ireland to take part in a week-long study tour which included completing a number of learning seminars and to visit four credit unions across the island of Ireland. (See page 14 for further information).
  • The ILCU Foundation supported ten Irish credit union volunteers who travelled to Ethiopia to help to raise awareness of the organisation by taking part in the Great Ethiopian Run 2015.

Contributions towards the ILCU Foundation’s work from over 230 Irish credit unions equated to almost €650,000, this allowed the ILCU Foundation to support over 600 credit unions and their membership base of 700,000 through long-term partnerships.

The ILCU Foundation’s achievements in 2015, and our work to transform peoples’ lives for the better, would not have been possible without the commitment and amazing generosity of our supporters and donors. The ILCU Foundation and its partners would like to express gratitude and appreciation for this support; we’re passionate about our work to reduce poverty and to create a financially inclusive world.

Thank you for your continued support, trust and encouragement.