Overview of ILCU Foundation Support:

In 2007, the ILCU Foundation partnered with Gorta Self Help Africa to improve the Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisations in rural Ethiopia. Currently, there is no central apex body in which the ILCU Foundation can channel support. Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisations (RuSACCOs) are owned, operated and governed on a democratic basis by its members – similar to the Irish credit union model. This partnership is backed by the Ethiopian Government’s Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA), and they have identified cooperative forms of business as an important instrument of socioeconomic change and in the last ten years cooperatives have become a significant part of the economy. The project receives financial support from the UN agency International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Supporters of the ILCU Foundation pictured with the chairman of Meki Batu RuSACCO credit union

Key Activities and Progress in 2015:

Documents Developed:

  • Train the Trainer Manual
  • An Introduction to Savings and Credit Cooperatives for New or Potential Members of Primary SACCOs
  • Accounting Manual
  • Bookkeeping Manual
  • Internal Auditing and the Control Committee Function Manual
  • Audit Manual
  • PEARLS Manual
  • Governance Manual
  • Marketing Manual
  • A Statement of Need for MIS

In addition, a number of trainings and workshops were held, including:

  • Workshops and consultations on the development of a Roadmap for the SACCO sector
  • A Training of Trainers five day workshop
  • Consultations with key stakeholders to guide the development of a Regulatory Manual

Technical Assistance

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Training Development Plan
  • Study on the status of the rural SACCO sector
  • Regulation and supervision
  • MIS
  • Governance
  • Development of manuals on a range of topics including member care, accounting, bookkeeping

At a glance

Population: 94.1 million

No. of credit unions: 9,000

No. of members: 13,877

% living on < €1 a day: 39%

Life expectancy: 59 yrs.

Type of loan issued: Animal fattening, animal rearing, petty trading, medical, educational.